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It is a sad truth that most us will never become a living legend, due to a very human reason: “We fear to find beauty on imperfections”, when the real truth is “realizing of imperfections is the beginning of perfection, when imperfections are taken as a learning point towards beauty”.

Only few wise humans realize about it and become fearless of failure, just when they discover that is natural to commit errors and mistakes, all the way long.

There is nothing wrong in feeling emotional pain and or being scared. We decide now who and what we will become thevery next second of our existences. We come to take a next step, even when we do not really want to move a single centimeter from environments where we feel safe and sound.

Its only when we go through the pain and fear, when we discover a powerful secret, “accepting the pain and the fear and building from that uncomfortable place, will make us stronger.

To avoid getting too lyrical, take two minutes to get a real flavor of what these words mean — Watch a small measure of a living legend. Or get to know Eric Moussambani who simply moved the world during Sydney 2000

How does it feel to be an inner samurai?

Coming from the ancient Japanese culture, many of us would think that samurai means warrior, but far from that, the real meaning is “the one who serves”

So what is on it for us? Not only in Japan but worldwide there are those who come to discover their own purpose, which is the very beginning of will lead us to success in any field that we might cover: respect on every relationship, inner understanding, own balance, integrity of the 4 pillars of the human foundation and 360 understanding of emotions.

Going beyond that and being able to understand the purpose of our lives with a fearless attitude towards fear, will let us build from the pain, going through it, to become a true warrior towards the humble service of our essence.

In the end, after understanding what this could mean for each of us, setting whichever objective we want to reach in our time, designing a concrete strategy and implementing a plan towards this objective, will never be a harmful anxiety again, no matter what.

As Friedrich Nietzsche once stated, when the hurricane will come, wreath crowns will be blown away, whereas crowns of thorns will remain.

We should pay attention to recognize our fears and work on how going through them no matter what. Feel free to share this read if you consider its worth it and it deserves a second to be shared.

Stay samurai, remain present,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

About the author

Ignacio has already published two books of a trilogy. He is currently finishing the last book of the trilogy, called “A Life in one Second”. During the 3 books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, truths and decisions which make you the person you are now, which could be quite different from the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life.

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