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It’s a funny place to be. Imagine if we’ve lost everything we have now: ourselves, our family, our friends, our cash and eventually any kind of self-estimation we used to have. What else would be? A big black hole called darkness. There are plenty of well-known and simple examples, stories, tales and movies such as the never-ending story and many others.

These stories come to teach us all how our ancestors have gone through in the past and succeed in their lives. No-one has become better-off without putting themselves over the edge from time to time. It’s rare to find any cheerful person reaching such human state of mind without suffering and facing fears.

We are all made of uncertainties. Nonetheless, life it’s all about making decisions and taking risks. To simplify this post we will assume that there are two types of people: the ones that assume risks and the rest who avoid risks. As in the movie In God’s Hands, taking into account what our goals are and what risks we are able to deal with, will mark our whole life.

At this stage we all have to ask ourselves what we do really want for us, and once we have come through it all, nothing else will ever matter. Hence we will be able to act without thinking too much about the consequences to focus in which really matters.

Focus is Key

Just listening to a simple but at the same time brilliant song of Coldplay with the title“Fix you” or watching the crazy-awesome intelligent last Woody Allen’s Movie –Irrational Man we would realize how close failure to success is. These are simply examples to understand that it’s not a problem of what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it!

Let’s get rid of our fears, for the sake of a safe future, because the comfort zone is nothing but putting ourselves in the risky one in the long run .

It’s not necessary to run fast. It can only take a simple beginning: stuff we are not able to do now, just because we invest our energy in thinking what the others will say, bad experiences of the past or previous failures.

Well again, if being normal is what we want, then we should follow the flock. But if inside us, something hurts and we find the pain whenever we fear something; this is us speaking to us right in front of us: “Hey there! Get your ass up and start changing something now!”. We don’t need to suffer as Rocky Balboa to understand that who is truly speaking every day when we are scared is the one inside us.

And yes, it would be quite ideal if we all had our beloved and admired guides all over to tell us what to do, how to do it, to motivate us whenever we need it, to get us up and take us to the next round. But life is not easy, neither work, nor anything we might reach. The fight is always against us. Each of us is the worst enemy we will ever face. It’s us what we fear.

This ain’t about work

It’s all about you. It’s about us, as Alex&Sierra say. We all have the power and will to light everything we do and touch. No matter how small are things that we do, if we follow our instincts, the right path will come, and the impact will be massive. Maybe not now, and not tomorrow, but it will come. Drop by drop, step by step the scariest dream will turn into the most beautiful reality.

We might think about it, because every distress we let to take control of us, every anger feeling we suffocate with, we are missing seconds, minutes and precious time that will lead us to great opportunities and to start changing things into better.

Here is some simple piece of advice some wise people have taught us over years. We should really understand what is preventing you for reaching our best version, today:

  • Recognize, feel and understand where our fears come from: there is nothing wrong about it. We could talk openly about our black spots. Maybe we will realize it’s not such big deal and we can live with them
  • Share our knowledge and what we love: without being afraid of what others will think or do about it. Why not being confident and follow our routes. It’s not so different to be unique and original. Let’s try!
  • Push ourselves to the limits: getting up each time we fall, learning a little bit more at a time: most of the times, limits are much fewer and narrower than we thought. It’s just our com fort zone telling us we should not leave it because it’s easy and secure . We spend far too much time thinking and too less acting. The line between thinking and acting is called fear and the good news is that is really thin.
  • Find our real purpose in life: A reason to go on. Find the angel on your shoulder. Anytime we may find a difficulty, adversity or fear why don’t we ask ourselves what else? And then what else? And so on…until you are not able to doubt anymore about the idea that is in our mind. Discover what makes us get out of bed every day and focus all our energies in those feelings.
  • Sacrifice for what we really want: we are not aware how close we are to reach our true meaning and goals, when we give up. Usually we all surrender too soon. No pain no gain, as the Scorpions sang.

We all have examples in our life who have told us this superior meaning can be reached. In my case, my father told me once during one of my worst moments in life: “Son if it’s worth it, it deserves a sacrifice”. Stop thinking about the worst best case when making a decision, if you do, it’s better to remain in the comfort zone. Because when the ones that taught us how to be us are no more with fighting one our side, we will have to take care of ourselves in and out, here and there. So what’s now, why not facing our fears?

As always if you enjoyed what you read, do something, whatever you feel like

Ignacio Cristóbal Gallo Campos

About the author

Ignacio has already published two books of a trilogy. He is currently finishing the last book of the trilogy, called “A Life in one Second”. During the 3 books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, trues and decisions that make you the person you are now, which could be quite different from the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life

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