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This post begins showing how Ludovico Einaudi defines wonderfully life in a deeply emotional and explicit master piece. It is a powerful example on how to appreciate life beyond anything else.

As every piece of craft we might get a million different messages and interpretations, depending on who is watching it, and most importantly how this who is receiving it.Every person balances things based on his/her own purpose and vision to the relevancy of the subject. However, in these free crafts, objectivity might be first.

Being life a relevant subject to everyone, this is powerful topic to talk about. Life, is the most precious gift and responsibility we are given when we are born, and should remain the same until the day we die, making the most of our ways. However, we experience countless daily examples happening to counter attack this basic principle.

The full meaning of life just takes form whenever we are getting the most of it. This usually happens at the present moment, without many of us being aware. Ultimately by getting the most of our lives, we mean to live what really matters each minute and each second.

Having said that, have we ever have paid enough attention to understand what our lives means to us? Or is it as Ludovico shows a matter of being so close to death when we are really aware of what we really want to get from this life?

When are we are going to start once for all to find every meaningful moment we have the luck to live and become responsible to write our own destinies.

It is a must for us to be accountable for what we are really doing today, just because it’s no one else life, but ours. Paradoxically “by assuming fully commitment to our lives we will truly begin our daily path to immortality”

Where to find immortality?

Every second we are aware and conscious of our true purpose and our main engine, we are transforming our actions into immortal, as everything we are doing and how we are doing it, has full meaning, and comes from a desired vision.

It’s the only way to have truly meaningful lives. By aligning our purposes, desires and relationships to something bigger that ourselves and paradoxically projected in everyone else. This is the moment when we start to realize that we are all a part of the same main essence which is called life and which never ends, its immortal.

When we start to proactively see beauty where others see fear, darkness and nothing beyond themselves, it’s just when we find that precious treasure called full circle. Then immortality will begin, beyond ourselves, beyond all those little imperfections, by building with fearless mindfulness.

It will be only when we are humble enough to see we do really need each other, and why we should give without expecting anything in return, when our own path to immortality will begin.

And everything we will build from that moment onwards will be full of meaning; soulful, being true to ourselves and giving our hearts once again to everyone else, as if it hasn’t ever been broken, as when we were children, brave and unbroken. We can all begin from now, being a part of everything else, just looking beyond, when it all occurs.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

About the author

Ignacio has already published two books of a trilogy. He is currently finishing the last book of the trilogy, called “A Life in one Second”. During the 3 books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, truths and decisions which make you the person you are now, which could be quite different from the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life.

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