The biggest fake, Chapter 1. The first and biggest fake, called parents.

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The biggest fake — Ignacio Gallo Campos

It is curious and funny when you are a baby, a very tiny human being, this is a stage where you are not even able to differentiate the real from dreams. We would wish we could always be there, being cared, letting it always be so. It is also very curious to observe that as time passes the binomial “capacities” versus “acquired experiences” becomes increasingly and exponentially complex to be understood.

Then in a higher stage we begin to acquire more knowledge forced by nature and for some divine reason, numerous skills, which later become those longed for qualities, so demanded in the demanding and ruthless work environment in which we will end up immersed. Let’s look at some phases of learning and self-awareness of the lies we will be exposed to:

FIRST STEPS — In the average cases at the end of the first twelve months we usually walk, with some bumps in our not yet formed heads. We take in food, drawn from our parents to our mouths, in the fake shape of airplanes which some of them ended up after in regurgitations or lately into poo.

BIGGER STEPS — When reaching the age of eighteen months, we are incredibly semi-fluent in oral language, and more or less capable in the art of discretionary scribbler, masters of the paint and color.

ADVANCED STEPS — By three years old, wow, we are able to create complex speeches such as, I have poo or potato. It is when pedagogues, paediatricians or kindergarten teachers go glimpsing our future by dyslexia, mediocrity or overflowing genius capacity.

We are going to see an example from our first character the little Paul, a genius without limits. At the premature age of thirty-six months he is able to ride a bicycle without wheels, climb the saddle, standing on the gear and go from heaven to the hospital with the first stiches on his forehead and a first warning from life.

His mother in a first demonstration of how to teach the truth told him after the incident: “Paul my little dear, you are a genius, with a remarkable slap in your living CV and no more milk teeth left”.

At least those same milk teeth will hopefully bring him some dividends on the basis of another fallacy to know The Vain Little Mouse (pure Marxism). So here it’s the first learning point. Moral 1 “lose your fear and you lose teeth in every possible way”. On the contrary, be careful, and you will get a compensation.

Thus the years and days go by, without realizing it and especially without having no time for it, we begin to be deceived continuously. It can be because of our own parents that to get rid of us, they tell us in a warm and paused tone, so that we can understand it: “Don’t worry child, the school is very funny you will see, at home you will get bored and you won’t learn anything”.

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