The biggest fake, Chapter 1 bis. The first (bis) and biggest fake, our teachers.

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The biggest fake — Ignacio Gallo Campos

…To continue within this wonderful theater called life and within the first stages of it, let’s analyse the figure of any of our teachers.

In our next example, we count on Albert, a precocious fellow from the very local neighborhood in Madrid. Albert has just returned from a year of Erasmus in Reykjavik. Erasmus by definition is a deception in the format of a semester or annual school course intended to generate employment in European universities victims of the general student absenteeism. Albert is coming back with it an epic mental illusion that will quickly fade away and will bring him to back to reality.

It will take time for Albert to realize he has been immersed in another big lie in addition to the Erasmus program (offered by universities for a minimum of 6 months abroad in any career and in order to provide a pre-professional valuable experience).

Being victim of this precarious work promulgated by unscrupulous businessman who take benefit from an invention fuelled by the another big lie called “contract for work and service” of limited duration.

Malnourished in his mind and will, Albert truly believes that he will be hired by these evil business men indefinitely for lying and deceiving poor orphans who are temporary deceived by their own parents. All this aforementioned mess, is granted by using the most obscure techniques of persuasion which forces these impudent and beardless little ones to paint, color and build their first phrases to finally evaluate them. God help them, God help us!

To end this tremendous martyrdom, this professor violated in his verse, will take the liberty of judging and evaluating, without any criteria, the virtues of these crazy little people and potential artists, at the age of thirty-six months of age.

To evaluate the poor little people, Albert will use a powerful methodology based on the main social characteristic that today excels: the best are those who do not bother much, who always do what they are told, who most dramatically have been deceived and tamed by their own parents in this immaculate and pristine mental stage of early development.

Hence, well, what the heck is this? In this premature stadium of development, we are teaching our children to blank vote and to show passivity against true leadership.

A extractable conclusion out of these first lines, is that the key to the development of valuable potentialities in a person is based on a system totally vitiated by the lie, deceit and other versatility of which it feeds itself.

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