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Various number of studies and researches carried out by well-known psychologists, philosophers and thought leaders concluding that it’s just a minimal difference in our mindsets, goals and drivers, what makes the difference between success or mediocrity. Understanding success as a small measure of peace and beauty, as Hans Zimmer brilliantly expresses across one of his Last Samurai OST’s themes master pieces.

In addition to this minimal but impacting fact, today’s most of successful people are usually able to discover, cultivate, align and grow four different but linked pillars: body, mind, soul and emotions. It’s just when these pillars of a solid human foundation are really connected and unified by the same purpose and meaning when we come to live a splendid and legendary life. And that’s what most of us want to accomplish during our lives, these little “thing” called happiness.

However not many of us are successful in linking even just two of these pillars. There are a number of different reasons for this. Sometimes it’s just because we do not ask ourselves the simplest questions to reconsider our daily main routines, feelings, emotions and purposes.

Twenty-one grams to move four pillars

Because one image make us feel more than ten thousand words, see how a Portuguese children hugs a French fan.This might be by far one the most impacting real scenes that happened during this past Euro cup held in France this June-July 2016. In the video the Portuguese child is able to move a grown up French from his terrible pain to an unforgettable moment in just ten seconds.

Why don’t we just stop for a minute and visualize how strong our power would be if we were able to invest ten seconds a day impacting positively in a one new person? Even more when we have the opportunity to do so easily.

The eternal paradox happens also when we are doing these kind of actions is because in the end people we are helping now, will be helping us in the case we need something in the future. However, we would not need to expect anything from anyone or the universe in return, if we discovered that we are all part of the same unity and what we are doing is just perfect in essence.

Ten seconds finally is what it takes us to move our souls, towards the direction of our emotions and feelings. And 21 grams is the title of the movie that Alejandro González Iñárritu magically directed to describe what our souls weight in 2003.

How to move tons?

Many of us we are not even realizing how impacting we can become without even needing to drastically change our lives. This would be possible by just finding the place for ten seconds a day for “thanks giving”, “real appreciation of the present” and practicing “emotional sharing with others”.

Also by getting a deeper understanding of what drives our emotions and by giving true meaning to the presence of our present, then major changes will happen.

Each person’s purpose can be different from one to another but for sure there is a connection within any single routine, phase or stage of our finite existence.

As Robin Sharma describes in his Video From a job to a Craft and here I’m quoting up “it’s the sum of minor excellent seconds which makes our existence a major excellence”.

The message for us all is that no matter who we are, what we do, and where we want to go, if we really want to reach the legend that our souls demand we can just question ourselves the simplest topics, such as these ones, or many others:

  • What do make us happy?
  • How can we make our companies, jobs, colleagues or leaders better?
  • What can we do now to help and why?
  • How can we help someone using just 10 seconds of our daily time?
  • Which are the values which drives us
  • How can we grow every day, every second?
  • Why do we have the friends that we have?

We do not really need much more to become the best shades of ourselves and realize how legendary our days can become, no matter if Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, because when we start to feeling it, every second counts.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

About the author

Ignacio has already published two books of a trilogy. He is currently finishing the last book of the trilogy, called “A Life in one Second”. During the 3 books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, truths and decisions which make you the person you are now, which could be quite different from the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life.

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