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As Patti Smith Group used to sing in 1978 that night belongs to lovers, Mondays are those days that most of us insist to remove from our calendars. The sad learning point that instantly should come to our minds, is that any Monday could be a powerful game changer in our lives if we just would pay attention what it really means, in spite of swearing on them.

After that, we might come to understand that loving ourselves it’s the beginning to start loving in a proper manner the rest of our environment. However, of course we are all made of incongruousness and inconsistencies, that is why we are all human.

However, it is very important that none of us forget who we are, where we belong and why we are here. By acknowledging these simple facts and getting to know that this Monday and the next to come, are not others’ but ours’, we might start loving all Mondays just because it’s our own time being which is played in the game.

No matter who was first. The message here is quite easy. Brighton band sings it in their first Album, inspired by the Stratford Upon Avon Poet’s work. Also one of their successful recent releases Believe does. Under the surface of the songs lies a powerful message urging us to start believing again in ourselves first for being able to make the difference, for finding a real meaning to every second we have the luck of being able to live.

Too many things are happening at this present second, while we are mainly focused in the next Friday or something that happened us yesterday, last year or when we were young. That is history or something we cannot influence on.

We are forgetting to open our eyes to the most powerful tool we count on now, this instant precious second and ourselves.

Nonetheless we are again fighting against many unconscious lessons learned and commercial messages spread by society and media that are not letting us to stop and think.

It could be just us not letting ourselves have the privilege of expressing freely and questioning how we are dealing with the simplest things surrounding us, our fear to be ourselves.

Sometimes it’s just by caring about the smallest details, where lies the base for reaching the biggest goals.

We, the human, tend to think we should not lose our time in trying to change things because later we see that nothing changes.

Even more, after having tried more than once without obtaining anything relevant or positive, or even worse because whenever we have tried this, some others have used us and take advantage of our good intentions. This fact that finally ended up with us giving up for the rest of our lives. But come on! ITS OUR LIFE, NOT OTHERS’ LIFE, why not trying once more?

When have we witness a war that has been easily won? How many hard and small battles have been held to finally come to a result?

Now again it’s our own choice follow fighting to become our best shade and to make a small difference for a higher and longer purpose. Because whenever things are easy, everyone can make the difference, when things are difficult not many are willing to.

If you liked what you read and you might consider liking Mondays again, share with the rest of Monday haters. It’s good to have you fighting back again for your Monday. Comments are most welcome.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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